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How We Deliver This Service

Our approach to delivering this service includes these key phases:

  • Definition of your ideal client.
  • Review of social media channels and the preeminence of LinkedIn.
  • Definition of Good Citizen social media practices.
  • Definition of a social pull strategy and use of advanced search to target high-value prospects.
  • Explanation of the link between content marketing and social selling.
  • Strategies to grow individual networks.
  • Overview of sales campaigns in LinkedIn.
Definition Of Your Ideal Client

In this phase, we help you define the demographics and psychographics of your ideal client. This is accomplished through a brainstorming session with your top executives. For a more expanded and comprehensive ideal client development process, please see our Positioning marketing service. Demographics include their age, race, education level, title, tenure in their position, industry, experience and responsibilities. Psychographics include their top 5 goals, opportunities and challenges. The result of this phase is that you will have a clear barometer to judge whether or not prospects in the social media world fit your ideal client profile.

Review Of Social Media Channel And The Preeminence Of LinkedIn

In this phase, we look at the range of social media channels that are available to your firm today and come to understand what you’ve attempted to accomplish in social channels and the outcomes you’ve realized. We also show you how and why LinkedIn is the preeminent social channel. The result of this phase is that you will know which social media channels to target.

Definition Of Good Citizen Social Media Practices

In this phase, we help you define the behaviors from your staff that are most likely to achieve your desired outcomes. Most social media channels include a variety of functions and provide a variety of ways in which to interact with prospects. Many of these functions and opportunities for interaction are simply time-wasters. More importantly, if you interact on social channels in ways that are off-putting to prospects, you hurt your chances of getting good engagement. We show you the functions and activities that actually work to pull prospects your way and that create engagement. The result of this phase is that you know both what to do and what not to do on social channels.

Definition Of A Social Pull Strategy And Advanced Search

In this phase, we help you define how pull marketing works on social media. While many professional service people have heard of pull marketing, most really don’t understand how or why it works. We fix this by showing you how to pull, not push, prospects into engagement with your ideas and people. We also show you techniques to quickly and easily find high-value prospects using your ideal client profile and the advanced search capabilities of LinkedIn. The result of this phase is that you will know who to pull and how to pull ideal prospects into dialogue.

Explanation Of The Link Between Content Marketing and Social Selling

In this phase, we explain the link between social channels, your staff and their networks and use of content marketing to pull prospects into the consideration phase of the sales funnel. For prospects to be ready to engage in dialogue, there is a process that they need to go through that warms them up to your ideas and brand. We show you exactly what these stages look like and how to know where a prospect is on this journey. The result of this phase is that you will know how to use content marketing to pull prospects along a journey that culminates in them requesting a meeting.

Strategies To Grow Individual Networks

In this phase, we show you specific techniques to quickly grow the individual networks of your team members. Since social networks are based on connections between people, your efforts on LinkedIn and other channels will be ineffective unless you have sizable network connections. We know how to grow these connections quickly and effectively. The result of this phase is that you will know how grow your network of connections so that your ideas, content and people are consistently in front of the right prospects.

Overview Of Sales Campaigns In LinkedIn

In this phase, we show you how to run targeted sales campaigns on LinkedIn with the specific goal of generating sales calls and meaningful dialogue. We teach your consultants how to identify the right prospects and pull them toward a decision-moment that is either yes, no or maybe. We also teach you the 5 characteristics of sales-ready prospects so you spend the greatest time on those prospects who are most likely to become your client. The result of this phase is that your consultants will know how to pull prospects into dialogue, qualify them for sales readiness and prepare them for discovery.

See What Can You Expect for details about the outcomes of this service.