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How We Deliver This Service

Our approach to Social Media Strategy includes these key phases:

  • Review of your Ideal Client Profile (ICP) from our Positioning service
  • Definition of your major goals for social media
  • Review of your available resources that can be part of this program
  • Social media program development: personal brands, employee advocacy, advertising
  • Introduction of social media management (SMM) options
  • Integration of your SMM tool
  • Review of your Content Marketing editorial calendar to produce a social media marketing calendar
  • Production of campaign materials
  • Broadcast of social media campaigns
  • Success metrics definition & timing for milestone reporting
Review Of Your ICP From Our Positioning Service

In this phase, we review the ICP we created for you from our Positioning service. If you have not acquired this service, we strongly recommend it as a precursor to effective social media marketing. We pay particular attention to the top goals, opportunities and challenges of your ideal clients that were identified through the ICP process.

Definition Of Your Major Goals For Social Media

In this phase, we ask you and your team a series of questions to help identify the top goals that you want to achieve over the coming years. Social media marketing can be an effective way to build networks quickly. However, building trust – something that is essential to professional services growth – takes time.

We help you set realistic goals for what can be achieved in terms of growing networks, growing influence of your thought leaders’ personal brands, growing awareness of your firm and other goals. We help you strike the right balance between personal brands and corporate brands.

We also review all of your existing social media profiles. This includes profiles for all of your people, in all social media channels, and all of your corporate social media profiles, such as LinkedIn company pages and Facebook company pages. This helps us establish a baseline for how many people are connected to your organization. We usually set a goal to at least double this number within 12 months.

The result of this phase is that you will have a clear understanding of the goals you want to achieve in social media. These goals will be realistic and informed by actual numbers from your existing networks and our experience of how quickly those numbers can grow.

Review Of Your Available Resources That Can Be Part Of This Program

In this phase, we help you figure out how much time and energy your team can put into this program versus how much we will put into the program. Our goal is always to give your firm the benefits of social media while carrying as little burden as possible. We prefer to carry this burden because we are faster and more effective in helping you realize a return. There are many ways to achieve this goal, but they do require some level of cooperation from your team members.

The result of this phase is that you will know exactly how much time and effort is required, both up front and on an ongoing basis, of your people.

Introduction Of Social Media Management Options

In this phase, we introduce Social Media Management (SMM) tools and discuss the costs, features, benefits and weaknesses of these tools. We help you choose the best SMM tool for your unique needs. We also negotiate the license fee, if you choose, with your preferred SMM vendor.

The result of this phase is that you will know which SMM tool is right for your firm, why you need it and how it will be used to accelerate your success. You’ll also have a clear picture on costs and licensing terms.

Integration Of Your Social Media Management Tool

In this phase, we integrate the SMM tool into your digital marketing ecosystem. Our strong preference is that this tool becomes part of a comprehensive suite of digital tools that are fully integrated. We prefer that your marketing automation platform, social media manager, content management system and CRM and all part of one connected system.

The result of this phase is that you will have a fully integrated SMM tool that allows you to quickly, effortlessly and effectively broadcast social media content and track your outcomes.

Review Of Your Content Marketing Editorial Calendar To Produce A Social Media Marketing Calendar

In this phase, we review the list of long-form and short-form content ideas from your editorial calendar. This calendar is built during our Content Marketing service delivery. Our strong preference is to align your social media marketing and email marketing campaigns to give you the greatest opportunity for a unified and powerful voice to your market.

This review will enable us to produce a social media marketing calendar that will give you 12 months of social media content. We pay particular attention to personal brands to ensure that your thought leaders are well represented in the calendar.

The result of this phase is that you will know exactly how many social media campaigns will be produced for you over the coming year and what the message will be for each campaign.

Production Of Campaign Materials

In this phase, we build the materials for each campaign. For instance, if you have a long-form content asset that you’ve added to your website, we will write content for the asset that include links back to your website. For each campaign that has been added to your social media marketing calendar, we produce the materials that are needed. We also submit those materials to your firm for review and approval.

The result of this phase is that you will have all necessary materials for all campaigns in your social media marketing calendar.

Broadcast Of Social Media Campaigns

In this phase, we broadcast your social media materials based on the social media marketing calendar. Usually this is a 12-month calendar and it includes several broadcasts per month to your various channels and social profiles. We also include tracking mechanisms in every broadcast to ensure you can see the results.

The result of this phase is that you will have a fully functioning and high-performing social media marketing campaign for your firm.

Success Metrics Definition And Timing For Milestone Reporting

In this phase, we review your goals and determine which metrics, among the dozens of metrics we have tracked for you, are most likely to shed light on your goals. For instance, we can track views, likes, shares, posts, comments, conversions and other metrics.

Usually we build milestone reports twice a year that indicate where you are against your goals. Our clients find these reports to be helpful in charting the course to future success and in making short-term course corrections. Of course, real-time statistics are always available to our clients through their SMM tool.

The result of this phase is that you will understand where you are against goals and what needs to be changed and improved to accelerate you toward your desired outcomes.

See What Can You Expect for details about the outcomes of this service.