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What Is This Service?

Our Sales Mindset service empowers mid-size professional service firms to adopt a healthy, realistic and professional attitude toward revenue generation. The sales approach we recommend helps you develop deeply satisfying and long-lasting client relationships based on mutual respect and trust.

Our recommended approach positions you in a positive light, is consultative and not pushy and turns prospects, who might initially feel uncertain about you, into raving fans. Our Sales Mindset service produces substantially more revenue for your firm and accelerates prospects through the funnel, all while serving clients honorably.

Many professional service firms hate the term sales. We totally understand this. When service firm leaders think of a sales person, they imagine someone who is pushy, argumentative and constantly trying to overcome objections. Sales people are crafty, but not honorable. They are thought of as pests who interrupt your day. That’s not all.




Many service leaders also think that “sales people” lack character. Sales people try to sell you services you don’t need, charge more than they should and will do or say anything to close a deal. They will take advantage of you if they can. What’s worse, after the sale, they disappear. They will not stand behind their word. Sales people are cheesy, slick, hucksters. Not to be trusted.

That’s the reputation of sales people. It stinks.

This is why most professional service organizations will go to great lengths to avoid looking and sounding salesy. If you have earned a JD, MBA, PhD, MD or other advanced degree, that last thing you want is to be thought of as a sales person. We get that.

But the challenge for service firm leaders is that if they have an aversion to sales, their financial outcomes can be unattractive, potentially resulting in:

  • Dangerous dependence on rainmakers whose departure would devastate the firm
  • Revenue short-falls that destabilize the firm and create uncertainty for the future
  • Missed growth potential that hurts morale
  • EBITDA lower than it should be which prevents leaders from reinvesting in key growth initiatives
  • Inconsistent cash-flows which force stakeholders to take actions like cash infusions from personal wealth, borrowing from friends and family or reductions in personal income

Over the many years that we have been in business at The Shattuck Group, we have seen service firms realize these consequences simply because they had an aversion to sales. So if you don’t want to be salesy yet you need to sell, what do you do?

We believe the solution is to develop the right mindset and the right approach to revenue generation and client acquisition while also introducing and training your people in professional sales processes and responsibilities. This is about finding the right balance.

At The Shattuck Group, we think the best approach to selling services achieves two meaningful outcomes:

It facilitates discovery so clients come to see how your services will help them achieve their goals, overcome their challenges and realize their opportunities. This approach builds trust and ensures that clients acquire the right services for their unique situation. It protects your clients’ interests and avoids the adversarial relationship that is so common to sales.
It helps your firm earn revenues, improve profits, build a strong reputation and deliver the complete range of services that you have the capabilities to deliver so you maximize your potential. It also gives you accurate and reliable forecasts for revenue growth that you can count on.
The right approach to sales delivers an outstanding experience to your clients and outstanding financial results to your firm. How do you adopt this approach? The solution is simply to redefine how you think about sales. You can have your honor, sophistication and a spotless personal reputation. You can have very happy clients. You can have consistently growing revenue streams from new clients.

But to achieve these things, you’ll need to get clarity on what “sales” means to your organization and how you’ll sell. Our Sales Mindset service helps you get this clarity through a formal and organized process that unites your team around a common vision and approach to sales that everyone believes in.

Who Needs This Service?

Professional service firms who:

  • Deeply desire to deliver achieve win-wins for their clients and their firm.
  • Know they need to sell more but hate sales.
  • Have missed growth opportunities while competitors have passed them by.
  • Must change the way they have sold services in the past.
  • Want a strategy for engaging prospects that is not off-putting and is consultative.
  • Need consistency in pipeline growth and accuracy in revenue projections.
  • Plan to scale their business and want proven methods and techniques they can count on year after year.

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