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What Is This Service?

Our Digital Strategy service empowers mid-size professional service firms to define, deploy and measure best-of-breed digital marketing technologies so you realize a true ROI. Our approach produces the outcomes that your service firm needs. Our methodology is sound and effective, responding to and being inclusive of how your firm is unique. No two clients end up with the same digital marketing plan.

Our approach to Digital Strategy makes the complex simple by leveraging our deep experience in digital. In an era of ever-increasing and exponentially more complex digital options, we help you focus and build a strategy for deploying and using the best digital marketing tools in the best way possible. We get the wrong tools out and the right tools in to your strategy. This means you get value for your dollar and greatly increase the likelihood of realizing your desired returns.




Challenges With Digital Marketing

Over the last decade, professional service marketing has changed dramatically. Advertising in all forms, which is based on an interruption model, is annoying and ineffective. Content marketing has become very popular, but it requires a host of digital technologies to be made functional. After all, producing content is one thing. It is an entirely different thing to broadcast content, track it, measure outcomes and then prove you realized value from the whole exercise.

Most of the prospects we speak with encounter two major challenges. First, many prospects come to us knowing that they need to become digitally savvy. But they find the entire exercise overwhelming. There are so many different tools, so many channels, so many ways to get the job done. Which do you choose, what is the right approach and how do you measure results?

Second, some organizations have deployed content marketing in the digital landscape but have no means of measuring uncontestable ROI. Their budgets were in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Senior executives want to know what they got in return for the budget and no one can seem to answer that question.

Our Digital Strategy solution effectively addresses both challenges.

The Core Digital Marketing Stack

Digital marketing can now include, at a minimum, your website, email marketing, social media marketing and content marketing. The question becomes, how do all of these strategies work together to produce outcomes that matter to you? Most of our clients want to:

  • Generate qualified leads
  • Differentiate their brand from competitors
  • Raise awareness about their company and people
  • Persuade ideal prospects to consider their firm
  • Position their brand and people in front of ideal prospects on a regular basis

The tools certainly allow for this to happen. But which tools are best, how much do they cost, how do you use them effectively and how can you measure outcomes? To address these questions, you need a sound methodology, which is exactly what our Digital Strategy delivers.

At The Shattuck Group, we believe the core digital marketing stack today can be summed up in the following:

CMS + MA + SMM + CRM = Digital Marketing success.

CMS stands for Content Management Systems. These are tools that allow you to quickly build websites, blog-sites and registration pages for long-form content assets. MA stands for Marketing Automation, which are very complex systems. See our Marketing Automation service for details on this.

SMM stands for Social Media Manager. In today’s market, you need a tool to manage and measure all the social media channels that you want to include in your strategy. CRM stands for Client Relationship Manager. Most of our clients choose Salesforce as their CRM of choice. Please see our Salesforce Integration service for details.

Our Digital Strategy service empowers you to choose the best-of-breed in each of these areas and integrate them into a high-performance digital ecosystem. This puts you in the best possible position to realize your desired ROI.

Who Needs This Service?

Professional service firms who:

  • Are overwhelmed by the range of options for digital strategy and want a simple and elegant solution for getting a real ROI on digital.
  • Want an experienced guide to help them define the best strategy to all of these technologies.
  • Desire an integrated ecosystem, not a bunch of disconnected tools.
  • Need to measure everything to demonstrate ROI and focus on what can be and should be improved.

To learn more about how we deliver this service, please click on Our Approach above.