How We Deliver This Service

Our approach to Brand Identity includes these key phases:

  • Review of your Ideal Client Profile (ICP) from our Positioning service
  • Development of 3 big idea art boards
  • Presentation of big idea art boards and selection of a big idea
  • Development of templates for multiple exposure points
  • Development of a brand standard guide
Review Of Your ICP From Our Positioning Service

In this phase, we review your Ideal Client Profile (ICP) from our Positioning service to ensure the brand identity concepts we develop are in line with the expectations of your ideal client. We pay particular attention to the demographics of ideal clients: age, education, title, industry and other factors.

If you have not acquired our Positioning service, we strongly urge this as a precursor to brand identity.

Development Of 3 Big Idea Art Boards

In this phase, we brainstorm with our creative team to develop 3 big ideas. These are simple concepts that convey your value proposition in the simplest way possible. We then select imagery, typefaces, color schemes and layouts for each big idea and map them to:

  • Website homepage
  • Website detail page
  • Email newsletter
  • Ebook cover and chapter page
  • PowerPoint presentation splash page
  • PowerPoint presentation detail page
  • Case study
  • Client testimonial

We then get each art board output as a large poster and prepare to bring them to your organization for the big unveiling. The result of this phase is that you will have some great ideas to choose from for your new brand identity.

Presentation Of Big Idea Art Boards And Selection Of A Big Idea

In this phase, we present the big idea art boards and explain the rationale behind each big idea. We typically make these presentations in an executive board room, although in some circumstances we have made these presentations remotely. We work with your team to help think through which big idea would be most effective for your needs and audience.

The result of this phase is that you will choose a new brand identity that is a great fit for your firm.

Development Of Templates For Multiple Exposure Points

In this phase, we take the components we developed for the big idea art boards and create templates for individual use cases. For instance, we convert the look and feel for an ebook into a template in Adobe InDesign so that it is ready for application of content and production of an ebook. We do this for all elements where templates are required.

The result of this phase is that you will have production-ready documents for all brand identity elements.

Development Of A Brand Standard Guide

In this phase, we develop a brand standard guide that outlines appropriate uses of:

  • Typefaces
  • Logo
  • Tagline
  • Color schemes
  • Imagery
  • Motifs

The result of this phase is that you will have a single PDF document that provides instruction to everyone about how to effectively use your new brand identity elements. This produces a more consistent look and feel for your firm.

See What Can You Expect for details about the outcomes of this service.